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FitFlap, the First Flappy Game Controlled Entirely by Your Body, Out Now on iOS and Android


Indie developer BreakFirst uses standard device cameras and smart proprietary software for original fitness fun


LYON, FRANCE – August 10th, 2015 – Independent game studio BreakFirst today spread its wings to announce that the first ever fully motion-controlled fitness title FitFlap is now available on Android and iOS.


In FitFlap, players need to flap their arms in front of the camera to keep the in-game characters – and themselves – in great shape. The more you flap, the leaner everyone gets, as you work your way through a series of crazy and colourful challenges.


Players start their flap-quest with Bacon the Pig, then once they’ve clocked up enough real arm flaps they can unlock Rocket the Turtle and Sushi the Fish. But keep flapping – every day away from the game will send your faithful animal friends on a slide towards bestial obesity.


If things get out of hand, you’ll need to visit the sweat room and really go to work. If you’ve been deprived of your device you can spend cash or flaps to pick up an “Instant Fit” pack and restore your character’s form – a kind of instant digital liposuction.


Check out the crazy flapping you need to do in FitFlap right here: [Youtube]


FitFlap is also a great game to play on a big screen, but don’t take our word for it: Google selected the title as an early adopter of its Google Cast Remote Display API, which means players can use their phone as a remote or game controller and play the game on a TV.



Using BreakFirst’s proprietary motion-tracking technology and devices’ built-in cameras, FitFlap precisely follows the player’s physical movements and translates them into distance flown, height reached, and, ultimately, calories burned. But don’t even think about cheating – this smart game can tell the difference between half-baked hand wiggling and serious arm flapping.


Do Flap! Get Fit!

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